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Checkering on rifles, shotguns, pistols, duck calls and more!

Checkering is an old and interesting art. I began my career at Kimber of Oregon in our small town of Colton Oregon back in the 1980's. I worked as a production checkerer there for eight years and eventually became their head checkerer before venturing out on my own.

I have checkered for some of the largest manufacturers in the world working on prototypes, projects for photo shoots, world wide collectors and local gunsmiths.

The majority of my work comes from folks like you who just love to create something on their own to pass down for generations to come.

Whether you desire new checkering, re-cut worn checkering or add to exsisting checkering patterns, I can help.
I have traditional or artistic patterns to add beauty, function and value to your rifle, pistol, long bow/riser or anything made of wood!

All of my patterns are drawn on freehand so that they fit each project I am working on. The checkering design can be simple or fancy, traditional or modern. You can send me the pattern that you prefer, choose one from my "Patterns" page, or leave the design up to me. I can copy from just about anything, a drawing, simple doodle, photo or rubbing from another stock will suffice.

Usually I checker at 20 to 22 lines per inch. I can make it larger or smaller depending on the grade of wood. The higher grades of wood will allow for finer checkering.
Generally I checker "Borderless".  A lot of the older style patterns called for an extra border that may be added at your request. These borders were originally added to hide "over-runs" so it is considered more professional to leave the checkering borderless.

Off to the left you will find links to navigate your way through my new site.  Enjoy the old and new photos and please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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Custom Checkering by Sherry Abraham!

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