Basic four panel point pattern                                                                        $210.00

Multipoint wrap around pattern                                                                      $260.00

Fleur de'lis and/or ribbons starting at...                                                         $350.00

Diamonds left uncheckered or independent from pattern each                    $  15.00

Grips only

Plain Style  $100.00

Fancy Style   $120.00

Saddle over grip area

 Plain Style   $25.00

Fancy Style $40.00

Forend only

Two Panel  $135.00

One Large Panel   $165.00

Grip Caps

Plain or Skeleton   $50.00

Fleur de'lis    $60.00


Plain or Skeleton   $65.00

Fleur de'lis  $75.00

Extra Border

(Priced per job) $30.00

Action Panels

Plain  $55.00

Fleur de'lis $80.00

Repair Work

(1 hour minimum) $45 per hour

Re-Cut Checkering available

Priced as a new job

Bow or Riser Checkering

Starting at $80.00

Duck Call Checkering

Starting at $50.00

Knife Handle Checkering

Starting at $90.00


16 - 22 lines per inch included in above pricing.

24 lines per inch or finer - please add additional 20% of total order.

The above pricing does NOT include return shipping.


Return Shipping Rates are as follows and are based on a 5 - 6 lb. package

$25 One Rifle Stock and includes $500 worth of insurance.

$15 One Buttstock or Forend only (1 piece) and includes $200 worth of insurance.

$10 Pistol Grips (one to three pair) and includes $200 worth of insurance.

Shipping is via UPS Ground or Priority Mail and includes minimal insurance. Additional insurance maybe be purchased for $1 per hundred. You may purchase a return label via UPS or the US Postal Service for PREPAID shipping. I can also return on your UPS or FedEx account. Please include account # with shipment.

UPS Charges an additional $5 surcharge for any shipments that are NOT in a  cardboard box (wooden boxes, gun cases, PVC Pipe etc.) However; these containers maybe covered with cardboard to avoid the surcharge.


East coast customers - UPS Ground takes about 6 days (sometimes longer). Priority Mail delivers within 3 days, however; UPS packages maybe tracked at any time but US Mail cannot be traced for 30 days.




All orders are done on a first come first serve basis and must include payment.  Any orders received without payment will be held until funds are received. Please click HERE for turn around time information!

Please see my "how to ship a stock" section for more shipping & packaging information!

You may also have your gunsmith or any manufacturer send directly to me!



 I also checker on other projects such as......






(more photo examples coming soon!)


If you have a special request, just ask!