Hello! My name is Sherry. I have been a checkerer for over 25 years now. Back in 1988 I married my high school sweetheart, moved to Colton Oregon from Portland, and began my checkering career. I actually began my training at Kimber in the fall of 1987. It was something that I took to right away!

Living in such a small town, there aren't too many jobs here. I had originally gone to Kimber to apply for a production job but ended up being asked to try Checkering! I was trained by Pat Taylor in the Kimber shop and spent the next 30 days working side by side with Pat. When my training period was over, I purchased my own equipment and began working from home doing Kimbers exclusivly.

After working from home for a while, I began checkering for friends and family. I now checker a several stocks per week, as opposed to the three to six stocks per day for Kimber. Production work is grueling work and one cannot possibly do a truly quality piece of work under such pressure. 

Kimber took many twists and turns, left, returned, and eventually sent their woodshop to Costa Rica.  During their last year here in Colton, I was their only checkerer. I checkered somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 to 5,000 stocks for them during my 8 years there. The owner of Kimber, Greg Warne, gave me a Super America on my departure from Kimber that I will keep and treasure always!

I also do some checkering for many other manufacturers from time to time. I have worked for Cooper Arms and got them going when they first started up, as well as working on Chipmunk Rifles for several years. I have done custom work for Remington, Winchester, Browning and Ithaca Classic Doubles and the Great American Gunstock Company as well. I even checkered the face and neck of a guitar for Fender several years ago that is now displayed at Abby Road Studios!

Even though it is tedious work, I love checkering!  I was diagnosed with having fibromyalgia, arthritis and a rare joint disorder so having something to do at home is a necessity for me. I also suffered as massive heart attack at the ripe old age of 47 and underwent quadruple bypass surgery. Having this type of craft to do at home has really been wonderful.

We live out in the country in the beautiful state of Oregon. I was born in Portland. My father was in the Air Force for 20 years, so we did quit a bit of traveling while I was growing up. We were stationed in Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska and Washington as well s several places in Oregon. Chances are, I have passed through, or lived in your town! It was a lot of fun seeing the United States, but Oregon has always been home. 

My husband and I enjoy camping at the beach, working out in our huge yard and caring for our cats and our Australian Cattle Dog, Hannah. Hannah is twelve now and is the light of my life (next to my husband of course!). Blue Heeler is another name for her breed. They are very intelligent dogs. We also have about a dozen deer that frequent our yard throughout the day. And no....there is no hunting on our property.  :-)

I am not a hunter or a shooter, but I have become familiar with some firearms knowledge through my experiences in checkering. So, if you want to tell me all about your rifle, it's groupings, length of pull or how the sights adjust, I am afraid your information is lost on me.

I speak three languages, English, Sign Language (my brother in-law is deaf) and Checkering. My career history mainly consisted of secretarial work. After high school I worked for Merrill Lynch, Dean Whitter, Lumber Systems Inc., and several other large companies until I found my niche at Kimber.

My husband and I purchased the Loggers Bar in Priest River Idaho about eight years ago. It was my in-laws business for nearly 30 years until they both passed on. We currently have the place up for sale. It's just too hard to manage a business from so far away. It's location is a nice retirement town and for the right person this could be a great opportunity.  (See below)



(listed with Caldwell in Sandpoint Idaho)

Loggers Bar in scenic Priest River Idaho. Built in 1921 this bar is located at the end of Main Street in the historic district. There are a total of three commercial/residential lots all together. There is an empty gravel extra large parking lot, the bar  (which could be turned into anything!) with a nice walk-in cooler, and a two bedroom home attached as well as a very large garage which is attached to the home! You can walk from the house to the bar without ever going outside! This sale also includes the lot next door, which has a small older building on it which used to be the town tattoo parlor years ago. We are asking $199,900 for the place. Property taxes are low and this place could be turned into a neighborhood store, restaraunt, or ANYTHING actually! The skys the limit!  If a second story were to be added it would have a beautiful view of the Priest River which is only one block from the property! The great part is that you have your home right there to keep an eye on your business and no driving to work ever again! Please see the Randy or Darla for a full list of amenities and updates!


I have always been interested in art. Drawing and painting are on my list of favorite hobbies. I also enjoy working on the computer and learning all I can about building web sites. This is my second web page, I hope you enjoy it!

Happy at home on our front deck!

(left to right)

Our daughter-in-law Geneveva, son Patrick & their boy, Tank,

Me,  Lloyd & our girl Hannah