After the Checkering is done....       


After your stock is checkered I will ship it back to you with the bare wood showing.

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Please speak to your gunsmith if you need more "finish" or "refinishing" advice.

I will always return the packages the same way that they are delivered to me with the following exceptions*. For example...if you ship to me via UPS I will return the package via UPS.

I will always call you or email you the day I am ready to ship your package back. If I get no response via email, I will make a call to you.


*Occasionally I will ask if I may return your shipment via Priority Mail to save time if you have an important event coming up and I know that UPS will take too long to deliver the package.

*If there is a natural disaster in your area, I may withhold the package until I hear back from you. Occasionally there are floods, fires, earthquakes or hurricanes that will devastate certain areas of our country. If I am aware of  such an emergency in your area, I will do you the courtesy of phoning you first, if there is no answer...I will retain the package until I know that you and your home are safe and ready for a delivery.

*Sometimes I receive a delivery that is an inappropriate package. If you send me a 100 year old rifle stock in a flimsy shoe box, I will usually replace the shoe box with a sturdier box. Same goes for pistol grips that you send me in an envelope. I have some small boxes on hand and will return them in a box instead of the envelope. Please note however; I do not have full sized rifle boxes here on hand.