Checkering should be sharp, no flat diamonds. No over runs should be present. Occasionally accidents happen, no one is perfect. Usually a small sanding job will take care of a scratch in the finish.

As a rule, if I do manage to put a small scratch on your stock, I will not sand it out. Most customers have their own way of doing things,  some scratches (if any) are so small they may be well hidden by simply adding some finish to the stock.

I do NOT make a habit of causing over runs.

 There is a style of checkering called English checkering that has more "Square" shaped diamonds. This style IS left "flat" purposely.

I will no longer put a border around any fleur de'lis pattern. From prior experience I have learned that it just doesn't do the patterns justice.

If I can deter you from using maple as your wood of choice, I will try! Maple just doesn't checker up smooth and nice.