Got Fuzzy Wood? 


Occasionally I will get a piece of wood that has a little or a lot of fuzz in it. There is not a lot your checkerer can do about the age, quality or dryness of your stock, but there is a little remedy. 

After the checkering is completed, add a bit of finish with a toothbrush and let dry,. Now take a stiff brush and give it a good rub. This should take care of most or all of the problem. 

We are good at what we do, but we are not magicians!

 Remember, your checkering will only be a good as the piece of wood it is put on. Yes, it does fancy up a plain stock and add more beauty to an already beautiful piece of wood, so do not neglect to checker your stock just because it is not a showpiece, let me fancy it up while you get a better grip for the stock too!

Please consider using something other than maple to avoid fuzzy wood! Maple is the worst for fuzzy wood, although I have seen some walnut do the same thing. 

Photos Coming Soon!