Please send ONLY the wood!

You may leave on the smaller hardware such as swivel slings, buttpads and grip caps (unless they are skeleton and you would like them checkered.) Please remove grip cap and/or buttplate before shipping if you are having them checkered.

So now you've refinished your stock and let the finish dry COMPLETELY

 Wrap your stock in some type of cloth first. A towel or old t-shirt will work just fine. If you go ahead and stick that nicely finished stock in bubble wrap, chances the time it gets to me, it will have a thousand tiny circles pressed into the finish. Bubble wrap is a good thing, but only if you use it AFTER you've wrapped the stock in some type of cloth first. 

Please DO NOT wrap up that cloth-covered stock like Fort Knox with a ton of tape. Imagine me trying to unwrap it with a razor knife!

Now, be sure to pick a nice sturdy box. Please make sure that the box does NOT say "Winchester", "Remington" or any other gun brand name down the sides of the box! We like to keep a low profile when shipping such a controversial item. Unfortunately, there are folks out there who do not believe in our freedom to own or use firearms and we don't want a red flag attached to your stock while it is in transit. Another tip is to use PVC pipe instead of a box. It is non-crushable and works well for a bow, riser or fragile forends also! 

(Please be aware of an additional $5 charge by UPS for non-cardboard shipping containers). TIP: wrap your non cardboard container IN cardboard! :-)

Packing material: Peanuts, newspaper and shredded paper work just fine around your stock. If  you decide to ship your stock in a gun case, remember that UPS will charge you an additional five dollars for NOT using a cardboard box. If you still have the cardboard box for your gun case, use it over the outside.

Shipping methods: UPS, Fed-Ex and US Mail are all fine. Remember that you cannot track your package if you use the mail, but you can with UPS and Fed-Ex. They are all very close in price but the Priority Mail works best for the folks back east shipping here to the Northwest. I believe that the packages are handled best when they are shipped quickly, Priority Mail will deliver to me within three days from anywhere in the United States. UPS ground may take up to eight days via ground transportation.

Insurance: I am  a firm believer in using insurance when shipping. If you do not specify a value for your stock, I will add five hundred dollars worth of coverage to each full stock, two hundred for every pair of grips or single forend that I ship back to you. If you feel that more insurance is needed, it is up to you to let me know. You will need to include $1 per additional hundred dollars worth of insurance you would like OVER the $500 (or $200) amount. PLEASE do not forget this important element when shipping.

I will always contact you the day I ship your stock back as a courtesy to you, either by phone or email.


Please include the following with each shipment:

1. A note briefly explaining what you would like to have done. Please don't forget to indicate the lines per inch you would like your checkering to be.

2. Your daytime phone number.

3. Payment for checkering and return shipping. All orders MUST be accompanied by payment.


If you plan to ship via Priority Mail, send packages to...

Sherry Abraham

P.O. Box 196

Colton, Oregon 97017


If you are shipping via UPS or FedEx send packages to...

Sherry Abraham

28942 S. Girard Rd.

Colton, Oregon 97017


Please be advised that UPS will NOT ship to a PO Box, please use the street address for UPS shipments ONLY. Our mail box is quite a distance from our house, so please use the PO Box if shipping via US Mail!

Please feel free to check back with me to make sure your shipment has arrived. I don't have the time resources to call each of you as your stocks arrive. You may also email me to check on the arrival of your package! I would be happy to respond within' a few hours!

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