2 Panel Riser Pattern $125


Why not dress up your longbow or riser with a little or a lot of checkering?

I do have a few bow patterns to send you, don't forget to request one. Mainly what I do is leave it up to you as to how fancy you would like the checkering to be and working with the area available. Each bow I've done has had a different style or area to work with.

Single Fleur De'Lis Pattern $135


My best advice is to mark off the area that you would like to have checkered.  I will work within the area you specify, however; it's possible that I may not use up all the space you mark off.

For $125 I will checker a small oval shape in the "grip area" (with or without a ribbon or two depending on the style/shape of your bow/riser). For $135 I will give you a "split pattern" or "two panel" style pattern with partial or one whole fleur d'lis. For $145, I can give you an oval type shape with two fleur de'lis included. When you spend $150 or more, the pattern gets more and more elaborate. I did a riser with three fleur de'lis, it came out VERY elegant and tasteful for $150 plus return shipping.

Fancy Fleur De'Lis Pattern  $150

I would also like to suggest shipping in PVC pipe as it is non-crushable. This works especially well for the long bows.

If you have any other questions or concerns in this area, please do not hesitate to ask away! I also take special requests as in this situation where the customer loved arrowheads!

Arrowhead pattern $175