I have many more patterns in my information package. See details below.


            Left: Fancy 3 piece job                              Right: Action Panels carved & checkered $80 per pair

This Parker forend and buttstock pattern goes for $310.00



Left: fancy fleur de'lis w/ribbon design                Right: 2 panel bow riser ($125)


Fancy Pistol Grips $170 (front and side panels)


These set of pistols were used by John Wayne as movie props! Their current owner wanted them re-cut, the checkering was nearly non-existent. (price $110 ea.)


Ribbonmania! $510


Left: Plain style knife handle (price $100)            Right: Krieghoff 's  fleur de'lis w/ribbons


Winchester "A" Carving $340


Winchester "B" Carving (price $530)


Lots O'Diamonds $420


Another Fancy Winchester Carving $420


The two above photos are a very fancy fleur de'lis with ribbons. This particular pattern also has a fleur de'lis saddle over the top of grip area and the fancy tails added to compliment the grip pattern.. Total cost $600



Checkered butt pad w/border. This is a skeleton butt pad, however, the owner desired a border rather than the typical "full coverage" checkering (price $65)



        Did you buy a stock that someone tried to re-checker themselves? I can fix just about anything! Re-cutting is priced the same as for a new job. Grips only pictured above $110 plus return shipping.



This pattern started out as a basic Ruger pattern (with one triangle shaped panel on each side of the forend). The customer wanted a more full coverage pattern, so I just went over the original pattern, and added a few panels of my own to turn this into a wrap around point pattern with ribbons! While there is no photo, the grip panels were also modified to match the new forend.

Priced at $470 for both forend and grips.


Old and new Winchester Featherweight pattern. Priced at $510 plus return shipping.


Colt grips (fancy pattern) $130



       Fancy knife handle checkernig. You may have a different pattern on either side, or duplicate the same pattern on each side.  This piece was strictly a display piece so the customer has the option to display either side. Priced at $170 plus return shipping.



This customer was unhappy with the new checkering job he received somewhere else. The panels were uneven from side to side, the checkering was flat and the fluers didn't match.  I went over it and gave him a more full coverage, more even checkering pattern and even finer lines per inch!




Priced as a new job $430


Fancy Riser

Priced at $150 plus return shipping

Dueling pistol- one of two. Won blue ribbon at Cal.Expo. 2004 State Fair "Spirit of Wood Exhibit!"  This particular grip pattern goes above and beyond the "fancy" catagory. This pattern is priced at $275 There is also some checkering (a simple fluer) on the underside!

This Fox Forend and Buttstock Pattern goes for $370

You'll notice that the action panels are also checkered to match the grips!





This customer requested that his rifle checkering pattern reflect his love of Batman!  This is a one of a kind pattern that will never be duplicated. But it just goes to show that almost anything can be added into a checkering pattern! (see below for more information regarding special patterns drawn up just for you!)

This pattern was priced at $500




Lightening Bolt Pattern $475


This customer requested a lightening bolt be put into his checkering pattern. I drew up several examples and he chose this pattern. This is an example of a "One of a Kind" pattern, therefore, I will not duplicate it but can make a variation of it for you. Please go to my home page, then click on  the link for "Buttpads & Grip Caps" to see the matching grip cap pattern!


These are just a few of the patterns that I do. I have many more patterns available in my information package. Just email me with your mailing address or a fax number and I will send one along to you! You may NOW see my information package and patterns on line. Just go to my Home Page and click on "Patterns". 


Updated information

There is an additional charge of $75 to your order to cover designs created just for you. This one time, per job, fee will include three choices drawn up with your specific design requests in mind.