If you would like to receive one of my information packages, please email me at  with your name and address or fax number. I can usually ship one out to you the same day.

OR you can just click on the links below! (I am updating!)

My information package contains a general letter of explanation, a current price sheet and about 20 different patterns to look at for those of  you who are not sure what you would like.

You may mix and match the grip patterns with the forend patterns. I draw all the patterns on freehand and with a straight edge so that they fit each stock. I do not use templates. Just remember to keep the same "style" of pattern the same for both grips and forend. For example, do not use a point pattern for the grips, and a fleur de'lis pattern for the forend.

If you have a pattern that you would like priced. Please compare it to one of mine in the information package for pricing. You may also email, snail mail  or fax me the pattern for a quote!

If after viewing the above links and you would still like me to send you a copy via snail mail or fax, just email me back with your mailing address or a fax number and I would be happy to send you a copy. Please, if you need an updated price list or patterns sent, just ask! It's no trouble at all!