My turn around time varies. Please call ahead and check with me to get a more definitive turn around time.

Generally speaking, I have an eight to fourteen week turn around time. There are occasions where the turn around time may be as long as sixteen weeks. Smaller projects may be done within a few weeks time.

When I am away I ALWAYS have someone here to accept packages and take messages for me. If you should reach my answering machine  PLEASE leave me a message. I am very prompt in returning my calls.

If you would like to get your stock in line, but don't want to be without it for one or more months, simply send me your paperwork (letter of instruction, and payment) and I will use that to hold your place in line. We can make an appointment to do your stock so that you don't miss out on a special hunt or shoot!

I will never intentionally delay the return of your stock. Occasionally I get so busy that it does take quite a while to get to your stock. Please be patient. I will do everything I can to accommodate you but you have to let me know if you have a particular deadline that you have to meet. I am only one person, so please keep that in mind when you are inquiring as to the whereabouts of your stock. 

I know that it does get frustrating to wait for weeks to get your stock back, but I give each stock the special attention it deserves and will never "rush". I can, however; take a rush order from time to time. This means that I will try to fit your stock in-between other stocks in the evenings or on weekends. I will only do this in an emergency situation. There is an additional fee for these "rush orders". Please estimate this fee according to how fast you need the job back.  There will be times when a "rush order" is not possible due to other pending orders so please ask me before sending these types of jobs.

I will do everything I can to ensure a reasonable turn around time, but please be patient!