After Checkering is done - Custom Checkering by Sherry Abraham

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After Checkering is done


After your stock is checkered I will ship it back to you with the bare wood showing. Some people are a little shocked at the lighter color of the wood in the checkered areas. This is normal. Usually a coat or two of finish (at least enough to seal up the pores) will darken it up a bit. Some like to use a wood stain to darken up the checkered areas, others like the lighter color, it's easier to see the grain of the wood and often with Claro Walnut, there are pretty pink & green tones to the wood that are brought out with the checkering.

Usually I like to have the wood completely finished out prior to checkering. Once you get the wood back, just add some finish to the checkered areas and you are good to go! A toothbrush works best for this project. Just make sure you don't fill the checkering in with finish, then it becomes useless as a grip, and you'll have to have it "re-cut" to get the finish out.

Please speak to your gunsmith if you need more "finish" or "refinishing" advice.

Usually I will return the packages via US Priority Mail (unless you have an objection). I will also insure the package.

I will return the wood in the same shipping container and with the same packing material that you sent to me. Occasionally, I may add some packing material if I feel that the package is not secure enough. Sometimes I receive a delivery that is an inappropriate package. If you send me a 100 year old rifle stock in a flimsy shoe box, I will replace the shoe box with a sturdier box. Same goes for pistol grips, if they arrive in an envelope, I will return them in a small box. Please note: I do not usually have a full sized rifle box here on hand.

Unless you give me other more specific information, I will email or call you the day of, or the day after I ship your package back to you. I will provide an estimated delivery date and tracking number. If you feel that you maybe on vacation, or need a more specific delivery date, please let me know in your note in with the wood. Some folks work out of town and are only home during specific times/days, so just let me know and I will do my best to accomodate you.

*If there is a natural disaster in your area, I may withhold the package until I hear back from you. Occasionally there are floods, fires, earthquakes or hurricanes that will devastate certain areas of our country. If I am aware of such an emergency in your area, I will do you the courtesy of phoning and/or emailing you first, before I ship.  If there is no answer or reply.....I will retain your package until I hear from you, that you and your home are safe and ready for a delivery.

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