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Bows,Knives & Duck Calls

Bows/Risers, Duck Calls & Knives

Why not dress up your longbow or riser with a little or a lot of checkering?

I do have a few bow patterns to send you, don't forget to request one of my information packages and ask for the BOW patterns to be included!

Mainly what I do is leave it up to you to decide how fancy you would like the checkering to be and working with the area available. Each bow and riser I have done have had a different style or area to work with.

My best advice is to mark off the area that you would like to have checkered. Masking tape works well enough for this process. I will work within the area you specify, however, I may not use up all of the space you mark off. Let me know if you like ribbons, fleur d'lis or something else so that I can incorporate it into the pattern.

Pricing starts at $150 for longbows and risers. The more you spend, the fancier the pattern becomes!

I would also like to suggest shipping your long bow in PVC pipe as it is non-crushable.

If you have any other questions or concerns in this area, please do not hesitate to ask!

I also take special requests as in this situation, where the customer loved arrowheads!


I do checker duck calls and knives. I have a few patterns for duck calls, and will take any suggestions you may have. If you would like to see the few duck call patterns I have click here for an information package and please remind me that you would like to see duck call patterns in your email.

Generally I create a pattern for these items based on the space I have to work with and the amount you would like to spend.

Pricing starts at $40 for duck calls
$100 and up for knives.

Please check out photos of duck calls and knives I have done...just click on the "photo gallery" link to the left. There is a seperate section just for these items.

In this case the knife will be on display. So, I did a different pattern on each side to give him two options to display.

Here is a Duck Call example as well...
This is a wrap around point pattern.

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