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How do I get my stock checkered

How to get your stock checkered

Let me start by saying that I do not do any type of refinishing work. I am strictly a Checkerer.
If your stock does need to be refinished, please do that first. I like to have at least a little finish on the wood prior to checkering. It is possible to work on the stock at any stage, it just makes things a little easier to do any finish work first. Normally, my advice would be to go ahead and finish out your stock, as if you were ready to put it back together, have it checkered, then put a coat or two of finish into the checkered areas, at least enough to seal up the pores. Take care not to put too much finish over the checkering, if you fill the checkering in with finish it will render it useless.  A toothbrush works best for this project.

Please send ONLY the wood!

You may leave on the smaller harware such as the swivel studs, buttpads and grip caps UNLESS...they are skeleton grip cap or butt plate and you are having them checkered, in that case...please remove grip cap and/or buttplate before shipping.

So now you have refinished your stock and let the finish dry

Wrap your stock in some type of cloth first. An old towel or t-shirt will work just fine. If you go ahead and stick that nicely finished stock in bubble wrap, chances the time it gets to me, it will have hundreds of tiny circles pressed into the finish. Bubble wrap is a good thing, but only AFTER you have used some type of cloth first.
Please DO NOT wrap up that cloth-covered stock like Fort Knox with a ton of tape. Imagine me trying to unwrap it with a razor knife!
Choose a sturdy box. Make sure the box does NOT have a gun name on it. We want to keep a low profile when shipping such a controversial item.
Hint: PVC pipe works well for fragile forends. It's non-crushable.

Pack your stock well, include a note to  me with...
1.) Your name
2.) Shipping address where you would like me to send the stock when the checkering is completed.
3.) Your email address if you have one.
4.) Include a daytime phone number in case I have any questions and so that I can give you a heads up that your stock is being returned along with a tracking number and expected delivery date.
5.) A brief description of what you would like to have done...a photo, sketch or pattern number, and the lines per inch, if you have a preference. Also let me know if you require additional insurance.

Please include payment for the checkering and return shipping.
I accept personal and business checks, money orders or cashiers checks.
Please make checks payable to Sherry Abraham.
All orders must be accompanied by payment.

All work is done on a first come, first serve basis. You may email me a day or two before you ship to check on the current turn around time.

Please feel free to check back with me to make sure your shipment has arrived. I don't have the time resources to call each customer as your stocks arrive, but if you zip me an email I will reply promptly.

You may also have your Gunsmith or any Manufacturer send directly to me! Make sure to contact me with your ideas (pattern and other specifics), your payment for checkering and return shipping, your phone number and the address to return the stock to after checkering.

NOTE: All orders will be returned to you without finish in the checkered areas. You will need to have a coat or two of finish applied to the newly checkered areas to seal up the pores. A toothbrush works well for this job.

If you have any checkering questions, please email me at...

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