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Laminates and Mannlichers


I DO checker laminates, however there is a small problem. Occcasionally some of the diamonds will just POP right off. It is due to the many layers of wood and glue and really cannot be helped. I have found that most folks like checkering on the laminated stocks for function as they DO become pretty slick when in use.

SO, with that being said, I suggest 20 lines per inch and a simple point pattern. There is already so much going on for the eyes on those laminated stocks that a fancy pattern is pretty much lost. A nice point pattern, either a side panel (one panel on either side of the forend and one on either side of the grip) or a bit more full coverage with a wrap around (one LARGE panel on the forend, plus the grips) will work just fine for function and decor.

There is an additional fee for checkering on laminated stocks.
Please include an additional $30.
(The layers of wood an glue can really tear up the tools quickly)


                 So you've got one of those EXTRA long mannlicher stocks and want to have it checkered?

First, mark off the area that you would prefer to have checkered. Some folks have a much longer reach than others, so it's best to put a piece of masking tape at the top and bottom of where you woul like your checkering to begin and end. If you don't...that's okay too, I will adjust the forend pattern to fit in the same place as a average sized rifle stock.

Generally I use a pattern 6" - 8" long for the forend. If you prefer to have it longer, just let me know in your note enclosed with the stock about how long you would like the forend pattern to be and also include an additional $30.

I would also like to suggest putting a wrap around pattern on the forend. I just feel that it makes the stock look "cheated" if you use anything less.

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